A Guide To Warehouse Safety in Ireland

Warehouses can be a hotbed of workplace injuries. Without extensive safety procedures, employees are at risk of being injured by vehicles, falling objects and even manual handling. With some guidance from Storage Equipment Experts, warehouses can become safer places. Our latest infographic looks at some basic yet vital tips on improving warehouse safety, including the need for regular pallet racking inspections.
With objects stacked up to great heights, it’s often necessary for employees to work many feet above the ground. The risks from this line of work include bruises, concussion, broken limbs and even death. Working at twenty feet above is something that no employee should have to do unless extensive safety precautions are in order. Firstly, proper access equipment is essential. This equipment should be checked regularly to ensure its proper functioning. Edge protection should also be installed on mezzanine floors, where the risk of falling is high.
Warehouse Safety in Ireland
Infographic Source: https://seerackinginspections.co.uk/guide-warehouse-safety-ireland/

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