Ways to Create a Safe Construction Site

Scaffolding is a must have in the construction sites and make the site much safer. This infographic describes the method of constructing scaffolds to ensure the safety of workers. Self-lock frames, self-lock boards, self-lock ladders, self-lock base jack, trap doors, tie bars, knee braces and plan braces, toe boards and toe clips are some of the essential parts of scaffolds that ensure safety. Self-lock boards and frames create the base structure of scaffolds. Self-lock ladders are made from heavy-duty materials so that the structure is durable. Trap doors can be used as escape routes for the workers in case of an emergency. Self-lock base jack supports the vertical height of the scaffolds. Knee braces and plan braces are also the parts of the support system of the scaffolds. Tie bars are used to tie the frames at the top of the scaffolds to ensure safety. Scaffolds thus, are constructed to ensure the safety of workers.
Ways to Create a Safe Construction Site
Infographic Source: http://southendscaffolding.co.za/Infographic.jpg

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