5 Ways to Detox from Marijuana

Though many people may not like the idea of detoxing, there are situations where you may be forced to flush out marijuana from your system. Whether you are applying for a new job or you just want to get rid of this substance from your body, here are five ways to detox from weed:
Drinking lots of fluids
Marijuana tests are often done on urine. Drinking a lot of water and other clear fluids will naturally speed up the formation of urine, thus resulting in frequent urination. Frequent urination will help flush out marijuana from the body much faster.
Eating high fiber diet
A good percentage of THC (the psychoactive substance in marijuana) is removed from the body through the feces. Eating high fiber diet such as vegetables, fruits, and beans among others is, therefore, a great way to help flush out marijuana from the body. High fiber diet also helps to replace the THC containing fat cells with new healthy cells.
Excess sweating helps to remove toxins from the body, and sauna as well as vigorous exercise help in sweating, what in turn helps in removing the traces of marijuana from the body.
THC is often stored in fat tissue within the body. By performing regular workouts in the gym like cycling, running, lifting heavy weights as well as swimming, you will be able to burn down the fats and in return detox your system from marijuana.
Using THC detox drinks
There are so many THC detox drinks on the market that use various techniques to flush out marijuana from the body. They have a lot of natural ingredients, such as vitamin B and various cleansing herbs that are fast and effective in getting rid of THC metabolites from the body.
Ways to Detox from Marijuana
Infographic Source: http://blog.best4drugtest.com/infographic-5-ways-to-detox-from-marijuana.html

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