4 Great Ways to Improve Your Sleeping Habits

Sleep is a crucial component of a happy and healthy life. Enough sleep and good quality sleep helps your body in so many ways from improving your mood to improving your memory. Improving your sleeping habits is not difficult to accomplish and we have compiled four great ways to improve your sleeping habits which will lead to an overall improved life and better you!

Limit Screen Time before Bed

Improve your sleeping habits by disconnecting from your devices approximately an hour before bedtime. Cell phones, laptops, tablets, and televisions have undoubtedly become a staple in most of our lives but they can be negatively affecting your sleep quality and quantity.
The blue light that is emitted from devices like these send signals to your body that it is daytime and you should not be headed to bed. This can make it more difficult for you to fall asleep initially and can negatively impact the quality of your sleep, big time. Unplug an hour before bedtime and find an alternative activity to do before bed if you are used to scrolling until you sleep. Recommendations for alternative activities before bed include:

  • Meditating
  • Stretching
  • Reading a book or magazine
  • Listening to soothing sounds or music

Implement a Bedtime Routine

When you implement a bedtime routine and get your body conditioned to doing these activities before it is time to sleep, your sleeping habits will improve as your body will recognize that it is time to rest. Start off by unplugging from technology.
Take a shower, bath, or at least wash your face and brush your teeth if you do not bathe in the evening. After you are ready to hit the hay, complete one of the suggested activities above whether you stretch or meditate for a few minutes, read a book, or listen to calming music. After a few weeks of implementing a consistent bedtime routine, your sleeping habits are sure to improve.

Utilize CBD Oil

CBD oil is all the rage and it can improve your health and wellness in many ways which include but are not limited to, improving your sleeping habits. CBD oil has been proven to aid in overall sleep quality, falling asleep faster, lowering anxiety and relaxation.
Broad-spectrum CBD oil has had any THC removed and can be easily ordered online. Look for broad spectrum oil for sale and purchase from a site that offers plenty of helpful information about CBD oil, benefits, side effects, and the various types for someone who may not have tried CBD oil out before. CBD oil will help to improve your sleeping habits and may also include added benefits to your life, it’s a win-win!

Make Your Space a Place for Sleep

If the environment in which you are sleeping is not well suited to promote improved sleeping habits, you may be at a disadvantage. Make your bedroom or wherever you are sleeping a place where better sleep is possible. Clean this space and make it comfortable and welcoming. Consider adding candles or scents that are relaxing to you but don’t forget to blow out any flames before you hop into bed! Keep this space very dark and block out any light that may be coming in through cracks in the door or windows.
Consider buying blackout curtains if light easily comes through any windows that you have. Keep this area at a cool temperature which makes for better quality sleep. Last, make sure this is a quiet space. If this space is infiltrated by outside noises, consider using a white noise machine or fan to drown out any sounds instead of having a television on in the background which many people do.
Ready to get some good quality sleep now that you have all of the knowledge to improve your sleeping habits? One last reminder of the ways you can do this before you doze off! Limit your screen time before bed, create and start a relaxing bedtime routine, make sure where you are sleeping is built for improved rest, and give CBD oil a try.

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