7 Ways to Reduce Plastic Usage At Home

Plastic may be convenient for us, but it is detrimental to the planet. Fortunately, all of us can take steps to reduce how much plastic we use regularly.

Invest in Water Bottles

Plastic trash
Single-use plastic water bottles are terrible for the environment. Instead of grabbing them, invest in a reusable water bottle that can go the distance for every member of your family. Stainless steel is a great choice.
Most reusable water bottles can keep beverages hot or cold, and they are easy to take with you and refill throughout the day. You can even label each bottle so the people in your family know which one to use. Wash them by hand each night and they will be ready for you to use again in the morning.

Store Food Wisely

Eating leftovers is a great thing to do for the planet because it reduces food waste. However, storing food in plastic containers is not ideal. Make sure to choose the best items to store your food in and to avoid plastic completely when possible.

Stainless steel food storage is a perfect choice because it’s durable and will keep your food fresh. You can even pack lunches using stainless steel instead of plastic. Some shapes and sizes easily fit in lunch boxes. Plus, unlike glass, stainless steel isn’t easy to break.

Use Reusable Lunch Bags

Single-use plastic bags are a definite no if you want to reduce plastic use. Try reusable bags that can be washed and used repeatedly. There are some versions made out of beeswax while others are made from silicone. Either choice ensures you will be able to use them for a while before they need to be replaced.
You can even invest in bright colors or patterns that represent your style. Eliminating plastic can be fun.

Switch to Tablets

If you look around your home, you will probably notice that most of your soaps and cleaners come in large plastic containers. While these may be recyclable, they still aren’t ideal for the environment.
Invest in products that come in reusable glass bottles and can be refilled with tablets. There are hand soaps, dish soaps, and laundry detergents that come in dissolvable tablet form and leave much less waste.
You can even replace the bottled soap and shampoo in your bathroom with bar soap and bar shampoo to skip the plastic altogether.

Don’t Use Pods

Coffee pods may seem convenient, but skipping these single-use plastics means reducing the amount of waste going into landfills. Buy coffee in a large container and scoop it into a reusable coffee filter to ensure your caffeine habit is as eco-friendly as possible.
If you are a tea drinker, choose loose leaf tea that can be scooped from a stainless steel container as opposed to individual tea bags. You can have the same warm drink every day and feel good about how you consume it.

Skip Disposal Dishes

Loading the dishwasher or hand washing dishes every night may not be your favorite chore. However, it’s much better than buying plastic plates and utensils. Avoid disposable dishes when possible and instead invest in and care for kitchenware you love.

It’s even possible to skip disposable dishes when you are out camping. Buy reusable items that you can wash easily while you’re in the woods.

Check Your Bathroom

We’re so used to throwing away disposable razors, empty toothpaste tubes, and used plastic toothbrushes that most of us don’t even think about other options. However, you can replace most hygiene items that are made with plastic with better choices.

Choose bamboo toothbrushes and simply compost them when you need a new one. Toothpaste comes in dissolvable tablets that allow you to skip the plastic tubes altogether, and it’s not nearly as messy. Choose a razor that isn’t plastic and only needs the blade replaced when it goes dull. These are easy switches that you can feel good about and that won’t disrupt your routines at all.

Helping the environment is possible, and you can do it by replacing the plastic in your home one step at a time. The simple changes you make today can help all of us have a better tomorrow.

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