The Most Proficient Ways To Use Instagram For Business

There are over 700 million monthly active users of Instagram which makes it the best platform to reach out to your targeted audience with your product and business brand. The most significant benefit is that you will have less competition and will establish a connection with a more engaged audience as compared to any other platforms in social media. It is even better than the widely accepted and used social media giants like Facebook or Twitter. This is not just a statement, but it is a fact that is corroborated by Statista and e-commerce CEO.
Instagram provides businesses with an opportunity to advertise and market their products without requiring spending an enormous amount of money for any other forms of paid advertising. Since January 2018, Instagram has changed the API to allow the users to post photos, videos, and stories in their Instagram Business Profile by using any third party platform to their utmost advantage.
Now the question is how to make the best use of it, especially if you are new to Instagram social media network. Well here is a brief guideline for making your Instagram for business superbly useful.
Tips to master Instagram for business
The best way to present your business in a better way through Instagram is to show others what exactly you do but make sure that you are creative in your style.

  • Focus on the solutions that you provide more than the products yoububbles-instagram-social-network sell. Add value to your customers in a better way.
  • You must never underestimate visual content which is the most important asset on this social media network that can put your business high on top or result in your downfall as well.
  • If your business is related to service, focus on the process behind services provided when you showcase it. You must show your company culture, share tips, how-to and your mission to the world.
  • The best way to achieve good results is by uploading photos and short videos like GIFs. Make sure that these videos are not more than one minute in length.

You should also try Instagram Stories to get more real Instagram likes. These Stories come in a slideshow format and are live for only 24-hours. You can save these Stories in your device and re-use later as well.
Benefits of Instagram Stories
The benefits of using Instagram Stories that is now being developed by Instagram heavily includes:

  • These are highly noticeable as these are displayed prominently just under the Instagram logo at the top of follower timelines.
  • These can be used to produce the behind-the-scenes contents even if these are not as high in quality as the regular posts.
  • You can experiment these with different types of contents such as photos, GIF-like images, short videos, Rewind videos, and live videos.
  • You can also tag other accounts that will help you in influencer marketing.

You will be able to edit images on the go with some fun additions such as face filters, stickers, and text. Lastly, these are more discoverable with the hash tags and locations.

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