Wet Cleaning vs. Dry Cleaning

Even if your clothes say “Dry Clean Only” there’s a lesser known way to clean them – with water. It’s called wet cleaning. Experts say it cleans just as well – or even better – than traditional dry cleaning and is better for the environment. Each method has pluses and minuses. Learn more about each method below to figure out the best way to clean your garments.
Wet Cleaning
The greenest way to clean your items is with wet cleaning. This process uses water and biodegradable detergents like Liquid CO2 in a temperature-controlled machine that uses gentle agitation. It’s similar to doing laundry at home. The EPA says Liquid CO2 is virtually pollution-free and is a “very effective” cleaning solvent.
Because of changes in technology over the years, professionals say it’s safe to clean almost anything with wet cleaning. But if you’re unsure about your fine silks getting wet, Fox Cleaners in the Tulsa area offers an environmentally-friendly solution with its green dry cleaning. Either choice will leave your clothes looking like new again.
Dry Cleaning
Despite what it sounds like, dry cleaning does not use a dry method of cleaning clothes. It uses a liquid solvent instead of water. Those solutions don’t penetrate the fabric, preventing them from swelling, shrinking and altering the clothes. The problem is the solvents used in a majority of dry cleaners, perchloroethylene, is bad for people and the environment. If you’re considering dry cleaning, take it to an organic or green dry cleaner like Fox Cleaners, that uses a nontoxic solvent to clean clothes.
What’s Best for You?
The cleaning method you choose should depend on multiple factors like the origin of stain, type of fabric, and your personal preferences. Professionals at Fox Cleaners can talk about the methods that will work best for your clothes and household items. Here are some fun facts about laundry:

  • People spend an average 17 minutes a day doing laundry, or 103 hours a year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.
  • In other words, that’s more than one load of laundry a day or 400 loads of laundry a year.
  • Moneycrashers.com says one load of laundry can cost up to $1.52. Washing 400 loads means you spend about $608 a year for cleaning your clothes.
  • Add that all up, and people spend one year of their life and nearly $8,000 on laundry.

Compare that to wash-and-fold services offered at rates by the pound by Fox Cleaners, and you’ll find you can save money and time by hiring professionals. Fox Cleaners also has a free pick up and delivery service so you don’t have to haul your laundry there and back. Experts will also make sure stains are properly treated and ripped and torn clothes are mended.
Wet Cleaning vs. Dry Cleaning
Infographic Source: https://www.foxcleaners.com/wet-cleaning-vs-dry-cleaning-the-major-differences/

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