What Do They Eat in Space?

Food on Earth can sometimes be surprising enough, but imagine how unusual it can get in space! Since astronauts live in microgravity conditions aboard spacecrafts that orbit the Earth, food behaves in strange ways. For example, breadcrumbs can get in one’s nose or equipment, water bubbles don’t burst but float around, and astronauts sometimes catch bites of food in mid air.
The following infographic on what astronauts eat in space shows how the meals are prepared in advance on Earth, how they are dehydrated, packed in tight packages and then rehydrated back when the astronauts are ready to eat. Not only does eating in space seem tricky, but it can also get lonely. The dining table aboard the International Space Station is small, the food tray has to be strapped to the table not to escape and astronauts don’t often get a chance to eat all together. Take a look at the infographic to discover more unusual bits about eating in Earth’s orbit.Do They Eat in Space
Infographic Source: http://labeley.com/article/space-food-infographic/

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