What does your car say about you?

In their latest infographic, British car dealership Motorparks has aimed to dismiss the various stereotypes that exist in the motoring world by getting to the bottom of what a make of car really says about the driver.

The top seven best-selling car manufacturers across the UK were used for the research, with insightful and interesting information gathered from YouGov Profiler, Google Trends and search volume present on the Motorparks website.

By the time you have read through the results, you will have an understanding of who a car brand’s demographic is, the place you can expect to find them shopping, the job they are likely to be in and just where in the UK they are based.

View the full infographic below and ask yourself, does the typical customers that have been presented relate to you or someone you know? If the question is yes, do they also own a car from the brand that their traits are linked to?

What does your car say about you

This infographic is provided by:  http://motorparks.co.uk/

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