What is a legal bedroom in NYC?

The phrase ‘legal bedroom’ in NYC real estate is controversial because there are many conflicting definitions and interpretations floating around amongst agents, buyers and sellers.

The rules and regulations concerning legal bedrooms in New York City are listed in the New York City Administrative Code as well as the New York State Multiple Dwelling Law.

When determining what constitutes a legal bedroom in NYC, you should keep in mind the number eight (8). Legal bedrooms in NYC must have minimum dimensions of 8 feet, a minimum ceiling height of 8 feet and a minimum square footage of 80.

Legal bedrooms in NYC must also have a window measuring at least 12 square feet. In addition, a bedroom is not considered legal if you are required to pass through another bedroom in order to access the bedroom. Despite what you may hear, a closet is not a requirement of a legal bedroom in NYC.

Read Hauseit’s Official Guide to Legal Bedrooms in NYC: https://www.hauseit.com/legal-bedroom-requirements-nyc/

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  1. I can’t emphasize enough how important that last part is – a legal bedroom in New York City DOES NOT need to have a closet.
    I’ve been going to open houses regularly for the past 3 months, and it’s unbelievable how often you hear agents and other buyers throw out totally incorrect ‘facts’ about legal bedrooms, closets, etc. One agent even told me that an apartment was a legal 2 bedroom when one of the bedrooms was only 6′ wide….
    Junior 4 Apartments also have a lot of misinformation floating around. This is a good resource if you have questions: https://www.hauseit.com/junior-4-apartment-nyc/

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