What is Astigmatism?

You have probably heard of the term astigmatism, but are you wondering what it actually means? Simply put, astigmatism is a condition in which your cornea is irregularly shaped, resulting in images appearing blurry. Children and adults who have astigmatism often complain of difficulty reading small text and identifying fine detail in objects near and far.
If you have a family history of blurry vision, chances are your parents have it too. However, the condition is not always inherited and can result from poor eye health habits. Both adults and children who suffer from frequent headaches should seek assistance from a doctor to understand the underlying cause.
Fortunately, early treatment can help prevent any condition from worsening. Let this infographic help you understand the causes and treatment options for astigmatism better.
What is Astigmatism
Infographic source: https://www.insightvisioncenter.com/what-is-astigmatism/

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