What Is Overlanding?

Overlanding is a relatively small niche in the travel sector and its popularity growing fast on a yearly basis.
We are overlanding geeks who are trying to share the gained knowledge and experience.
We are often asked “”What Is Overlanding?””.
Overlanding can be defined by comparing it to other types of vehicle based travels, like off-roading or road tripping. The essence of off-roading is to tackle difficult trails with a heavily modified vehicles, but when overlanding, while some of the trip may be through tough, not easily navigable places, the goal is not to complete a difficult rocky or muddy section, but to visit places and meet new people while doing it. You might say then that it is just another word for road-tripping. Well, a road trip has a destination, while overlanding’s main purpose is the travel itself.
The word “overlanding” originates from Australia, where it was used to describe traveling long distances in the outback in the 19th century. With vehicle based travel spreading across the Globe, there were adventurers in the early 20th century who set challenges for themselves. Like George A Wyman, who crossed the United States from New York to San Fransisco on a motorized bicycle. Many great adventures were organised after World War II.
Overlanding is a very sociable way of adventure that can involve group of friends, family, and you can also bring your pet!
if someone wants to start doing this type of adventure travel, several questions cross their mind. What are the minimum requirements in terms of skills and gear?
These are complex questions and the answer depends on the circumstances, plans and budget.
When planning a long trip, you will need to start with an itinerary and a budget. Your gear requirements will depend on these two, but there are some essentials that you cannot leave home. Such as a good first aid kit, fire extinguisher and recovery gear. The list goes on for the must-haves, but then you may want some comfort during your trip, so you can start investigating what kind of overland gears are on the market. The list is endless and many overlanders enjoy the trip preparation as much as the trip itself!
There are great resources where you can learn more and great experts you can learn from. Andew St Pierre White is an overlanding guru, who’s experience and knowledge is immense. Ronny Dhal in Australia is a similarly skilled experts, while the Expedition Overland guys are one of the most inspiring overlanders you can follow.”
What Is Overlanding
Infographic Source: https://overlandsite.com/what-is-overlanding/what-is-overlanding-infographic/

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