What is USB – most popular devices

We live in an era of the great technological leap. And in this Infographic I will tell you all about USB! So what is it?
USB (short for Universal Serial Bus) is a plug-and-play adapter that provides an opportunity to a computer to make contact with peripheral and other devices.
The idea about this standard of cable system connection was created by several top technology companies in 1995 and then quickly became a part of our life. Nowadays Nowadays, USB connected devices are used almost everywhere from keyboards and mice, printer and scanner, to music players and flash drives.
But this is only the start of USB story…
The infographic shows you:

  • Different types of USB connectors
  • What devices with USB connectors are commonly used
  • The comparison between USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 plus Mini USB vs. Micro USB.

Moreover, I’m sure that you are curious about remote USB access and share USB and COM ports over Network.
What is USB
Infographic Source: http://www.flexihub.com/all-about-usb.html

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