What Makes a Good Streamer

Casual viewers think that investing in high quality equipment to elevate the quality of the streams can also bring in more viewers, but the truth is that it can only improve the viewing experience of existing viewers.

Live streamers who have found success in the field, whether they know it or not, are very strategic and business savvy in their approach to grow their channel. Aside from improving the skills in their fields like gaming, cooking, or arts, they have cultivated other skills that have helped them reach more audiences. Most successful streamers are great with social media or have a social media person who constantly updates their fans or produces shareable or viral worthy content. They are also great at networking with other streamers for collaborations and with brands who can sponsor them.

To find out the other skills you need to have to be a successful streamer, read this infographic by Flux Panda, a live stream shopping platform.

What Makes a Good Streamer

Infographic Source: https://www.fluxpanda.com/blog/good-streamer

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