What New Electronics Will Emerge in 2020?

Electronics are all around us, and we’re completely accustomed to living our lives connected to our tech. From the moment we wake up, we’re greeted to a symphony of technology from the alarm that wakes us up on our smartphones to the toothbrush that lets us know when we’re ready to stop. Technology is everywhere, and our increasing technological appetite is spawning new ideas all the time. Let’s look at some of the new tech we’re likely to see coming out in 2020.

Wireless Charged Devices Will Become the Normwireless-charger-icons-set

Wireless charging has been around for over 100 years and was initially pioneered by Nikola Tesla and works by transmitting electrical energy through a magnetic field. Despite initially lacking a mainstream application, wireless charging is now almost ubiquitous on modern smartphones, and we’re likely to see a proliferation of places in which we can charge our devices. Fast-food chains and restaurants are already meeting the demands of our ever-progressing technological needs by providing wireless charging ports.

The IoT: Internet of Things


The Internet of Things has already grown enormously in the past year, and this growth looks set to continue into 2020 and beyond. The connectivity of ‘things’ via the internet will revolutionize how we use electronic products. With sensors becoming increasingly smaller and the power required to run complex chips and processors dramatically reducing, we’re likely to see new forms of electronics implanted within the body. These devices will change the health industry and will prompt new understandings between the relationships we have with the technologies we create.

Electric Vehicles are a Thing of The Present

electric-bikes-scootersImproved technology has been responsible for driving change in the car industry, and electronics nowadays are far superior to ever before. As an example, metal core PCB design has evolved, and for applications of high-temperature situations like electric vehicles, this is critical. No longer are electronic vehicles a thing of science fiction, and it’s safe to say they’ve made inroads into the mainstream.

With many countries offering government incentives as part of green initiatives and higher production volumes, electric cars are becoming more affordable each year. It’s now commonplace to see electric cars on the road. Service stations and supermarkets are now meeting the demands of the changing motoring landscape and providing charging points for electric vehicles almost everywhere.

Our Homes are Getting Smarter

In 2020 our homes will be at the forefront of technology, and everything from our curtains to our hoovers will be operated seamlessly from our Smartphones. Household brand names such as Ikea and Hive are now completely changing perceptions of the home with the adaptations a smart technology into the products that we use daily.

Curtains that open to the sunrise and gently welcome us into the new day and heating systems that can be altered by the touch of a screen while on the train home from work are just two examples of what we’re bound to see more of in the coming years.

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