What to Do When You Run Out of Fuel?

Travelling with your family with a safe and smooth drive is always on top of your list, but accidents are also inevitable when it comes to the road. Your vehicle may be at risk with running out of fuel on the road, and at this point, being agitated haunts your brain. However, there are certain tips to calm down your senses and still achieve a safe drive with your family.
Here are the steps and tips when you experience to run out of fuel on the road, please consider keeping in mind:

  1.  Don’t panic and think straight – One might lose their senses when exposed to this circumstance, but having the presence of mind to keep you and your passenger’s safety should always be on your mind.
  2. Turn off your air conditioning – Air conditioning accumulates more of the energy in your vehicle, and turning this off will balance your fuel if you are aiming to park your car alongside the road.
  3. Roll up your windows – Wind resistance will affect the speed of your car, and turning the windows up will balance driving easily.
  4. Don’t speed up – You are aiming for that safe and surviving type of driving, and this is the perfect time to keep your driving at 35 to 45 mph speed only.
  5. Drive downhill – If you have a choice between driving to flat ground and a downhill, choose downhill to accelerate your speed and control your course from finding a near gas station to call for help.
  6. Get Help – Besides of looking to a near gasoline station, also try to contact your insurance company for them to give you a faster and efficient aid.

To learn more about the steps and tips when you run out of fuel on the road, please check the infographic.
Infographic Source: https://ichoose.ph/blogs/run-out-of-fuel-infographic/

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