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Wheel Alignment Guide – Crux, Importance & Consequences

Does your car give you a vibration or shaky effect very often? Does your car pull towards the right or the left on releasing the steering wheel while you’re driving? Or may be does it not drive just like the way it used to?

If your answer to any of those questions posed above is a yes, then you are in dire need to get your wheel service / tyre service done because you are having a wheel alignment issue. Very often most of us tend to believe that the only factor that will affect our wheels and tyres will be either a crack, damage or maybe just an occasional puncture.  We frequently overlook the most important aspect of wheel service that is wheel alignment.

Misalignment of wheels and tyres is often caused by a myriad set of unruly events such as minor accidents, road conditions including your driving habits.  It can cause of lot of problems like increase in your vehicle tyres’ tread wear, miserable handling, untimely tyre replacement resulting indirectly in increase in tyre replacement cost, high levels of fuel consumption and much more. Above all , apart from these technical aspects it endangers the life of your loved ones and raises a serious safety concern when on the road.

With that in mind, this infographic gives you the crux of wheel alignment and tries to educate you on the various aspects and effects of improper misalignment. It makes a sound statement with regards to the necessity of getting tyre alignment done regularly without fail. This basic guide precisely tries to save you from this headache and help you make your journey / travel safe and enjoyable.

So, next time you visit a tyre shop or wheel shop do not forget to get your wheel alignment / tyre alignment checked for a longer life of your vehicle and your tyres.

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Source Url: http://www.eagletyres.com.au/blog/wheel-alignment-an-often-overlooked-necessity/

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  1. I found it very interesting that the infographic showed that improper alignment can actually lead to additional wear on the tires which would mean the tires won’t last as long as you’d think. My wife’s car hasn’t been driving as well as it normally does and she’s worried that she’s done something wrong but I don’t think that’s it at all. We might just have to look into a company that can handle aligning the tires properly to avoid the wear on the tires and hopefully fix the driving problem.

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