When AC Repair is Required?

There may be a concern that an AC Repair is required when there is a problem with the central air system. But delaying an air conditioner repair is a bad decision. Not all issues call for a complete air conditioning repair. You can solve a lot of smaller issues at home. You probably require an air conditioner repair if you observe any of the warning indicators listed below:


  1. Warm Air – Check the thermostat if warm air is coming from the vents in your home. Warm air may come out of your vents due to a compressor problem. Instead of attempting do-it-yourself fixes, it is advised to leave such repairs to the professionals.
  2. Insufficient Airflow – Poor airflow is a typical indication that your air conditioner isn’t operating well or that there is a blockage in the ductwork in your home. A faulty motor, clogged air filters, or even worse, could be a cause. It is advised to get an energy-recovery ventilator if inadequate airflow is a frequent problem in your home. Replacing stale air with new air each time your system cycles can help your air conditioner work more efficiently. Zoning systems may also be advantageous for your air conditioner. They can ensure you receive the proper ventilation and cooling power where it is most needed.
  3. High Humidity – Your air conditioner should provide automatic humidity control. You require an air conditioner repair if your cooling system can’t keep humidity levels within a comfortable range. You might need to perform a straightforward re-calibration or consider installing a whole-house dehumidifier.
  4. Periodic Cycles – No matter the weather, the cooling cycles on your air conditioner should be fairly regular. Even though you should anticipate your cooling system to run more frequently during the warmest summer days, it shouldn’t constantly cycle on and off. If you see frequent cycles, your ac has to be fixed immediately. Frequent cycling may be fixed with a fast air conditioner tune-up. It can also mean that you require a new air conditioner, though.
  5. Leaks – To cool your house, your air conditioner uses refrigerant; condensation could result as it runs. However, neither of these substances should gather or leak into your house. The presence of standing water or an active leak near your air conditioner is a crucial indicator that something is wrong with your cooling system. Leaks should be corrected as soon as they are discovered since they may quickly cause damage to your property and potentially result in significant structural problems.
  6. Strange Noises – Most air conditioners produce little noise when they start up and stop. But significant issues with your cooling system can be indicated by loud, sudden, or strange noises. While whistling or grinding noises indicate something more dangerous, rattling or buzzing noises can point to a loose part. A professional Air Conditioning Repair is necessary because this problem rarely resolves itself.
  7. Unpleasant smell – You should address the problem before it worsens if you detect unpleasant scents and believe they originate from your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. Fortunately, a short diagnosis can determine whether your air conditioner only needs a tune-up and thorough cleaning or whether a more sophisticated fix is required. UV lamps can do wonders to get rid of lingering microbial development inside your air conditioner. There may be odour problems in the ductwork that can be resolved by duct cleaning.

At Elite Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, we provide expert maintenance performed by licensed HVAC technicians to increase the effectiveness of your system, guarantee silent operation, and save your utility costs.

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