Which Maintenance Strategy Should You Chose?

Anyone who has been responsible for running medium to large business knows the importance of quality maintenance management. You see, maintenance isn’t just about fixing machines in a productions facility – it is also about ensuring your complete working environment functions in a way so that your employees don’t lose time on technical difficulties – no matter if they are working on a production floor or in an office.
And while there are a lot of maintenance strategies out there, the 3 most predominantly used are reactive, preventive, and predictive maintenance. As with everything in life, every one of these maintenance strategies has its positive and negative sides which makes it that much harder to decide which one should you employ at your facility.
To make things a little bit easier, take a closer look at the infographic below as it features a head to head comparison of that 3 strategies. We look at pros and cons, implementation costs, potential ROI, how to choose the right strategy, and much more.
Types Of Maintenance Strategies
Infographic Source: https://limblecmms.com/blog/3-main-types-of-maintenance-strategies/

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