Why do Cyberbullies indulge in Cyberbullying?

Cyber bullying is a menace in our society and one which exists particularly amongst the youth of today, something even which they are aware of. 68% of the youth amongst those who were asked regarding the concept felt it to be very much prevalent in the society and one which is on the rise. When asked why the youth engage in this activity, a number of reasons were found.

The reason which had the most popularity was that it was a way of getting back at the person against whom it was being conducted and it was something they felt that the person deserved. While this was the most popular response, others included that it was a source of fun and entertainment for friends to engage in and laugh about and also helped gain acceptance amongst the peer group. It was also seen to be a way in which the other person could be embarrassed and ridiculed.


Infographic Source: http://www.theonespy.com/why-do-cyberbullies-indulge-in-cyberbullying/

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