Why Do-It-Yourself?

Do-It-Yourself projects (known as DIY projects) have become increasingly popular in recent years. There are entire websites devoted to this topic, and even an entire TV network as well. People are doing all different kinds of projects on their own, often where a professional would normally be brought as is the case with home improvement DIY projects. Other DIY projects are of a more decorative or crafty nature. These craft-like projects can be found all over sites like Pinterest.
The question is, why are do-it-yourself projects so popular? What drives people to search them out? We’ve determined two main reasons. Firstly, people do it mainly for fun. They enjoy the process of creating something as much, and sometimes more, than actually having the thing once it is complete. This is usually the case in the more craftier DIY projects. The other reason is to save money by doing projects yourself that you would otherwise hire someone for. The infographic below breaks down these two reasons for DIY projects by providing statistics around the growth of both types.
Infographic Source: http://flamefurnace.com/d-pros-cons-infographic/

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