Why Riding an ATV Is Safer Than Ever

Over the years, many people have argued about the safety of riding an ATV. However, even though the dangers of riding an ATV might be well documented, there are several positive factors about it that people rarely talk about.
Here are reasons why riding an ATV is safer than ever:
Riding an ATV

No distractions

Most car drivers usually feel a false sense of protection and security inside their cars, which motorcyclists do not. Due to this false sense of protection, you’ll find many drivers using their mobile phones, eating while they’re on the wheel, adjusting the radio, or sipping their favorite beverage.
When you’re riding an ATV, you’re never distracted by any of these things. You’re unlikely to find a rider trying to multitask and be on a phone call while they’re riding. Riding an ATV means that you’re completely immersed in navigating the terrain and nothing else.
This means that riders can maintain their focus and be much more aware while riding because their ears and eyes are exactly where they’re supposed to be; on their path.


When determining the safety of riding an ATV, this is undoubtedly one of the biggest factors to consider. You might think that the four tires and study cage make driving a vehicle a lot safer, but in reality, it hinders its maneuverability.
On the other hand, ATVs are usually more maneuverable, which means that you have a better chance of avoiding a head-on collision with them. When you’re riding on the road, maneuverability, especially in situations where you’ll require quick thinking.
When vehicles or other ATVs coming your way, you’ll be able to shift from one lane to the next much faster hence end up avoiding what would have been a dangerous accident.
Nowadays, more ATVs are fitted with better features that improve their acceleration, making them more maneuverable than ever. RZR wheel bearings are known to strengthen and improve your ATV’s steering and suspension.
This makes such an ATV a better choice for your safety on the road since you can escape any impending collisions much easily.

Field of vision

One of the greatest causes of accidents on the road for vehicles is the lack of clear vision of other vehicles. While riding an ATV, you don’t need to worry about the field of vision because everything is always clear to you.
You’ll find that driving a car means that you have to be ready to deal with other objects entering your field of vision and distracting you. Things like headrests, dirty windows, passengers, among others, tend to be an obstruction for you whenever you’re driving.
On the other hand, when riding an ATV, everything on the road and beyond is very clear to you. If you want to view the next lane, all you need to do is turn your head, and that will be it.
Even while you’re wearing a full helmet, you’ll still have no obstructions in your field of vision, and it will make your trip even safer.

Sense of speed

One of the best things about riding an ATV is that you get a complete sense of speed. The sense of speed when riding an ATV is much more cogent than driving a vehicle or any other mode of transport.
This means that if you’re driving at 40mph, you’ll get the real feedback from the road and maybe opt to slow down. In some ATVs, the sense of speed is so high that riding at 30mph might feel like 50mph.
This means that you’ll never exceed a certain speed limit without feeling a change. On the other hand, most vehicles nowadays do not give a realistic sense of speed.
You could be driving at 75mph and not even realize it because there is no feedback from the road. This makes riding an ATV much safer since you’ll never exceed a speed limit unknowingly.


Even though riding an ATV is safer now than ever, it doesn’t exactly mean that you should stop being careful on the road. To ensure your safety and that of other road users, you need to ensure that you observe the speed limits and always ride carefully.

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