The 10 Features of the Perfect Wi-Fi Doorbell

This infographic examines the 10 features of a perfect wi-fi video doorbell. So let’s start with a definition- a wi-fi video doorbell is a doorbell for the twenty first century.

It is one of a growing number of smart devices- which are devices that are connected to the Internet and give us more control about.

The difference between a traditional doorbell and a wi-fi video doorbell is that a traditional doorbell has a buzzer that informs the house owner that there is someone at their front door. A wi-fi video doorbell has a buzzer but it also has a built in video camera so that you can see who is at your door and it has a speaker and microphone built into it meaning that you can talk to them as well.

So now let’s move onto the 10 perfect features that you should look for in next wi-fi video doorbell.

  1. It should be compatible with your smartphone- using your smartphone as a means of viewing the video and controlling the doorbell is non negotiable.
  2.  Power- your doorbell will do more and be less high maintenance in the long run if you can power it with existing “doorbell wire”.
  3. Night Vision- These devices have an important security role to play in monitoring the safety of your home. What use would a video doorbell be if it only recorded clear pictures in daylight?!
  4. Storage- The video footage needs to be stored either on the device or in “the cloud”
  5. Live Feed- want to watch watch is happening outside of your front door right now? Well you can with live feed.
  6. 2 way audio- a microphone and speaker allow you to talk to your visitor outside of your door.
  7. High Definition- you want the video resolution to be as high as possible. Some video doorbells have a resolution of 1080P.
  8. Motion Detection- your camera will detect any movement within its range and notify you about with a message or even a photo.
  9. Weatherproof- these devices will be placed outside and so they need to be able to perform adequately in the hot, cold or wet weathers.
  10. Work with smart locks. If your wi-fi video doorbell works with a smart lock, you can open your front door from anywhere as well as seeing who your visitor is.

Thanks for reading this. I hope that you are clearer about what a wi-fi video doorbell is and what are the real power or perfect features in one to look out for!

Perfect Wi-Fi Doorbell

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