Will COVID-19 Break the Internet?

The Coronavirus has caused more people than ever to work and complete school from home. As a result, the Internet has been in a constant state of peak usage. The question is: can our Internet handle the surge in use – or will we break the Internet?
As of now, the rise in Internet traffic isn’t a threat. However, more traffic is coming. In preventative measures, Internet Service Providers (ISP) are stepping in to provide careful security measures. This way, our networks can continue to operate smoothly.
For example, the FCC granted AT&T and Verizon with temporary access to unused spectrum back in March so that they could expand their broadband access. So, not only are residential network service providers stepping in to take action, but so are mobile providers.
Reading the infographic below will supply you with tips on staying connected with a smooth operation amidst the COVID-19 surge. Now, the question is: are you fine with your service, or is it time for an upgrade?
Will COVID-19 Break the Internet
Infographic Source: https://www.computersciencezone.org/internet-coronavirus-pandemic/

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