Woods to Build a Boat

It is a big deal to choose the right species of wood to make the perfect boat you need. There are varieties of woods available that provide unique qualities to be used in the construction of a boat. The different types of woods that are used by professionals include ash, cedar, cherry, cypress, mahogany, fir, oak and teak. Ash provides strength and resistance to boat hooks, oars, poles and handles while cedar being lightweight and easily craft-able makes up for planking purposes. Quite expensive among others, cherry gives a good finesse to the boat. The absorbent nature of cypress makes it only useful in planking of bigger and heavy water transports. Designing purposes are served by mahogany, where African mahogany is a favourite.  Oak is used to build the overall framework of the boats and Fir is mainly used for decking and plywood planking after it is treated with preservatives. The natural resin of Teak helps prevent dry rot and does not soak water like oak.
Woods to Build a Boat
Infographic Source: http://countrywoods.co.za/Infographic2.jpg

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