Workers Compensation 101

Workers Compensation can be a tricky subject. Most workers don’t understand the importance of time and the specific laws that surround workers compensation or how important it is to understand until after they’ve been hurt on the job.
Workers Compensation Benefits
The benefits of workers’ compensation can be extremely beneficial to workers and their families. Typical benefits in that are paid are: all medical costs for treatment of the injury, temporary total disability (which can be up to 2/3 of the workers pay while he/she is unable to work), permanent partial disability which is a one-time payment to compensate the worker for any permanent disability suffered because of the injury, or permanent total disability will be paid if the worker is injured so badly that he/she cannot work. (The employee can receive regular payments or a large sum)
Workers’ Compensation Process

  1. A workers injury can occur as a one-time event or over a period of time.
  2. The worker must provide evidence of their injury. This includes a medical testimony from their doctor or medical evidence like charts or images.

Workers Compensation prevents employees from suing their employers but they can still sue third parties whose negligence may have contributed to the injury.
Workers Compensation 101
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