World’s top 10 fastest cars that will steal your smile in a fraction of a second

Automotive industry has taken giant strides in the 21st century in terms of producing super-fast, powerful and efficient cars. Modern automakers are hell-bent on taking the speed levels to a higher plateau. Resultantly we get cars with the ability to move apace, and they give us sensational and thrilling driving experience. The leading automakers are benefiting from cutting-edge technology to assemble electric cars. What are the constituents that make a car so agile? Is it just the installation of a powerful engine that results in fierce speed? Certainly not. Apart from the ability of engine to deliver more Bhp’s and greater torque, there are other factors which make a car move so quick on the road i.e. acceleration ability, transmission, size & weight distribution, size of the tires and some other factors as well. We have developed this infographic to tell you about top 10 fastest cars in the world. You will get to know about the cars’ names, their specs, top speed and performance on the road.
10 fastest cars
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