Wrist Bouquet Vs Classic Bouquet

Are you an innovative bride? Are you unconventional? Are you looking for original ideas for your wedding? What would happen if I decided to replace the classic bouquet with a wristband? It is usually chosen for bridesmaids, pagers, witnesses, mother of the bride or groom but …. only someone dares to adopt this solution for the bride! As for the classic bouquet, even for the wrist bouquet you can still choose the flower you prefer and embellish the bracelet with ribbons, pearls and svarosky. In this infographic we wanted to summarize all the pros and cons of this choice: why you should choose the classic bouquet and why you should choose the wrist based on your needs and your way of being! Happy reading and choose well!
Infographic Source: https://www.weddingmarche.com/wrist-bouquet-vs-classic-bouquet-pros-and-cons

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