Write vs Buy Dissertations: Dive Deeper to Make a Decision

The Student Money Survey of 2016 brought up some interesting and disturbing realities: 80% of college learners constantly worry about their budget. But apart from being under permanent pressure, these worries also sometimes impact student’s academic progress and overall well being. But the problem is often not in in the insufficient funding, but in the inability to administer the budget properly. So, I perfectly understand student’s negative reaction when they are offered to buy dissertations (nobody likes additional, unplanned expenses). But in this article, I’m going to debunk the myth that purchasing is much more expensive than writing without professional assistance.
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The Research on Your Own vs the One Done by a Professional
When you order a model dissertation from DissertationHelp.com, you get a well-structured paper – its core is written by the most reliable and credible informational resources because writers who complete the task have access to the most important scientific databases. Thus, you make the payment only once, and this sum covers a ready made, fully-featured dissertation.
In case you decide to do everything by yourself, be prepared for the fact that your university library and open access materials online will not be enough to conduct the research of the necessary scale. You will have to buy different subscriptions to libraries, scientific journals and databases on your own, and only this expense might already exceed the price for a custom-written model dissertation.
The Process of Writing with vs without DissertationHelp.com Assistance
After receiving a sample dissertation that you’ve paid for, you can finally get down to completing your assignment. I don’t recommend you submitting the purchased example because:

  • You won’t acquire the important skills that you gain in the process of writing.
  • You might not be able to defend the piece you didn’t write yourself.
  • The paper may not correspond with your own opinions on the topic.

You practically order the model paper to create an academic work using a high-quality example. You can imitate the proper academic writing style, correct dissertation structure and the way the arguments should be presented in writing. You can also use the content from the sample to fill in the gaps you may have in a piece of yours. This solution to buy dissertation greatly saves you time on research, planning and writing, and, although its cost might seem expensive for you, in the long term, it pays off.
Now, let’s see how it looks when you choose to play a lone hand. First of all, it will take much more time to complete the assignment. Throughout this period you spend money on the Internet, cafes where you sit and try to concentrate, treats that you use to eat up the stress and coffee. And don’t forget to count the expenses on editing/proofreading services, separate consultations with academic specialists and software you might use to write the dissertation. I’m telling you all this because I have gone through the process and know how it goes. You’ll be surprised by the amount of money you waste on all that stuff.
The common misconception of sample dissertation being expensive comes from the fact that its cost is indeed high. But you must consider it regarding different expenses you have to lay out if you decide to manage on your own. The thing is that when you make separate small payments for some services, you don’t feel the weight of the overall sum that comes out in the end. If you don’t believe me, just sit, count and see the result for yourself (and prepare to change your mind).

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