10 Best Affordable Automatic Watches Under $200 In 2017

Automatic watch is a highly sought after watch type by those interested in horology. It’s all-mechanical moving parts without using any electric or electronic items make it a unique watch and very different than the normal quartz watches that we see on the streets nowadays.

Exclusivity aside, automatic watch also has a great advantage over quartz watch – it does not run on battery. There is no issue with a battery suddenly went dead unannounced, often at inopportune times. It’s mechanical movement allows automatic watch power reserve to be recharged either by wearing it or winding the crown.

Another important advantage of it is its sweeping second hand that’s very beautiful to look at, unlike the crude tick-tock movement of quartz watch. The only drawback to it is its higher price, mostly due to the higher complexity to manufacture it.

But do you know there are also cheap automatic watches out there? Check out this list to find the best auto watches that you can get for less than $200.

Automatic Watches Under $200
Infographic Source: https://automaticwatchesformen.com/10-best-affordable-automatic-watches-under-200-in-2017

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