10 Food Trip Destination in Tagaytay

As a foodie or someone who loves to eat and dive in at food, one place you will surely love in the Philippines is Tagaytay. Mostly, people hold their special occasions there.

You can find the best restaurants in Tagaytay with great food and a pleasant ambiance too. From the top-of-the-line hot bowl Bulalo to the finest treats, breezy yet calm interior designs of the resto, it is indeed good to visit Tagaytay.

There is also a lot of affordable staycation in Tagaytay where you can relax and enjoy the aesthetic beauty of nature.

Speaking of which, a destination such as a good restaurant should be on your list when you go south.

If you opt for a classic and romantic place where you can bring your loved ones and eat in peace, Sonya’s Garden is for you. The solitude, ambiance, and warm hospitability of the staff will surely amaze you. They have a fix eat-all-you-can organic menu. Moreover, if you want to dine and have a fine dining experience, Antonio’s is one of the best restaurants to provide a remarkable dining experience.

One of the most popular food destinations in Tagaytay is at Leslie’s Ridge and Restaurant. Many people travel all the way here just to taste their famous Bulalo.

You might wonder if you can also devour samgyupsal in Tagaytay. Well, the good thing is, yes—experience dining at Mr. Kimchi Tagaytay and taste the Korean culture through their dishes.

Every place has its own way of making people at home. In the Philippines, you’ll never go wrong if you will try Tagaytay residences staycation. Not to mention those restaurants that will cater to all your need if you dine with them.

For more information about the 10 food trip destination in Tagaytay, you can read this infographic by STAYCATION TAGAYTAY.

Infogrpahic Source: https://staycationtagaytay.com/10-food-trip-destinations-in-tagaytay/

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