10 Hidden URLs to Help You Rule the Web

Bookmarking your best-loved webpages is a good way to save some precious time when surfing the Internet. The direct links quickly transfer you to the content you’d favored. However, the Internet hides more than we can see. Sometimes, the online recommendations that users get can be influenced by the websites they’ve surfed. Therefore, looking for quality, unbiased content becomes more challenging.

Finding the right URLs and using them properly can enhance your web surfing experience. Accessing the newest online features, trends, tools, or settings becomes easier if you possess the right background knowledge. Here are ten of the most practical hidden URLs that will help you rule the web!

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1. ‘Watch Later’ YouTube URLs and Other Features

In case you didn’t know, YouTube automatically creates a special “watch later” playlist for you. In order to access this playlist, click on Library on the left side of the webpage, and choose Watch Later.
Even though it doesn’t require too much time to do all that, there’s another way to access this webpage even quicker: access the link that’s included in the title. Other useful YouTube URL features are YouTube Liked Videos or Subscriptions.

2. Regaining Access to Lost Spotify Playlists

Karen Chloe, one of the most popular assignment writers at Huff Post, shared her surprise with her new discovery in a recent interview: “Did you know that deleting a playlist on Spotify does not make it go away for good?”
You can easily regain access to it by accessing this link and following the next steps:

  • Log into your Spotify account
  • Find the playlist that you are looking for
  • Click the Restore button next to it
    Other hidden URLs for Spotify: Spotify Settings or Offline Devices.

3. Getting Unbiased Netflix Recommendations

If you are tired of getting the same movie and TV show recommendations, we can solve that problem for you. All you have to do is access this link – it will tell you how many documentaries/movies/series you’ve watched and when.
The View-Activities list can be modified – you can remove the topics you are no longer interested in. That way, related notifications and recommendations will stop popping up. Don’t let your current tastes in movies influence your future choices. Watch a variety of movie genre, so you don’t get bored!

4. Recovering Dropbox Files

So, you’ve decided you need that Dropbox file you’ve just deleted. No problem! This URL lists all of your activity throughout the past month. If you need to get your files back, all you have to do is: click on the link, select the files, click restore, and you’re all set!

To gain quick access to your shared folders and documents, click this link. For file requests, click here.

5. Separating Your Apps from Your Facebook Account

If you don’t want annoying pop-ups and irritating ads showing up on your News Feed, you’d better keep your apps separated from your Facebook account. On top of that, if your apps are linked to Facebook, you’ll always get useless recommendations. Keep this URL at hand to quickly access your Application Settings. About the Apps and Websites page:

  • You can deactivate the apps you do not like, request info about them, or choose whom you want to share them with.
  • You could also check the apps that have expired – these are the apps that you’ve used through logging into Facebook, but haven’t done so in a while.
  • You can view and edit these apps as well.

6. Tracking Your Travels on Google Maps

This URL brings you to the Google Maps Timeline, where you can manage your location history, add your home and work addresses, and edit your Google Maps settings. If you want to know where you’ve traveled by now, track your history and find out! You can even choose the exact date and time of your travels in the box above the big map.

7. Link Straight to Your Twitter Account

Did you know that you don’t have to unfollow your Twitter friends in order to stop seeing their posts? Yes, that’s right: no need to be rude. By accessing this URL, you can now get rid of all the annoying lists that bother your eye. Jump straight to the people’s lists that you like, and avoid getting frustrated!

Other useful URLs to get you straight where you need to be: notifications and Twitter moments.

8. Detect Your Former Google Voice Searches

If you are the type of person to Google Voice your questions, you’ll be happy to hear that the search engine keeps a record of your former searches. You can now see what you’ve looked up by accessing this link if you own an Android Smartphone. You can even play them back and see how your voice sounded like that day!

9. Retrieving the Most Important E-mails

If you are tired of spending time searching for your important e-mails, we found the right URL for you. Click it, and see for yourself. You no longer have to worry about digging into the past for hours to find what you need; it only takes a couple of seconds. Direct links to Sent Mails or Drafts are useful too.

10. Viewing Your Preferences on Instagram

You can link to your favorite Instagram tags by accessing this link. Whether it’s your favorite food, restaurant, city, or fashion channel, no more hazardous searching! See your saved posts as well, along with your favorite hashtags.

Wrapping Up

We hope our article gave you some insights into a better user experience. Don’t hesitate to leave us comments and feedback!


Cathy Baylis started her career as a freelance writer and a blogger, and moved up the career scale when she started providing content for a popular writing company on a regular basis. In addition to working day hours at her regular job, Cathy still publishes her own content on various websites online.

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