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10 Hidden URLs to Help You Rule the Web

Bookmarking your best-loved webpages is a good way to save some precious time when surfing the Internet. The direct links quickly transfer you to the content you’d favored. However, the Internet hides more than we can see. Sometimes, the online recommendations that users get can be influenced by the websites they’ve surfed. Therefore, looking for quality, unbiased content becomes more …

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Web Analytics Metrics You Should Track

Marketers are constantly struggling with a lack of time. That’s why it’s so important to stay focused on things that really matter. Recently we’ve been seeing more and more posts titled, “X Marketing Metrics That Need to Die”. Are there actually so many useless metrics we should ignore to win more time? Maybe. But who cares about useless ones if …

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Responsive Web Design – How Does It Work

Responsive web design is the progress as per which not only the design but the development is bound to respond to user’s behavior and environment based on the orientation, screen size as well as platform. In other words, responsive web design is up-to-the-minute web design concept which respond exactly to every kind of device that accesses it while presenting appropriate …

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