10 Snorkeling safety tips

Snorkeling in considered an easy and safe outdoor activity but since you will be on the open sea, there are several factors that can lead to dangerous situations or accidents. You can easily minimize the risk if you prepare yourself for the activity. This includes skills like the ability to swim, general well-being and avoiding heavy food and alcohol.

If you are fit, healthy and confident in the water, you already did a lot to prevent emergencies. Moreover, having good equipment is also a key factor. Make sure to check your mask and fins before heading out to open water and consider using safety accessories.

Weather can change in seconds by the sea and most accidents happen due to inadequate ocean conditions. Keep your eyes always on the weather forecast and learn about currents. Educate yourself about sea creatures and follow the “for the eyes only” rule, don’t touch marine life. This snorkeling safety tips will give you ideas how to prepare for a snorkeling holiday.

Infographic Source: https://snorkelaroundtheworld.com/2018/07/safe-snorkeling-10-tips-for-your/

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