10 Valentine’s Flowers and their Romantic Meanings

We are days away from Valentine’s Day — and come Feb. 14, you can go with the classic tradition by ordering a bouquet of red roses. But, if you’re looking to go a bit further, you can always do your own research and buy flowers that will convey your feelings to the last letter.

Did you know that Valentine’s Day flowers had meanings behind them?

In fact, the meanings associated with the blooms you always love date back to the Victorian era wherein people were big on using symbols and gestures to communicate instead of words. It was during this time when the tradition of sending flowers became widespread. However, it’s not only flowers that have meanings, but their colors as well. Simply put, a white rose could mean something different than a red rose.

In this infographic, Flower Patch, a flower shop in Pasig, offering same-day flower delivery services, highlighted 10 popular Valentine’s Day flowers and their romantic meanings.

Valentine's Flowers
Infographic Source: http://www.flowerpatchdelivery.com/2018/02/08/10-valentines-flowers-romantic-meanings/

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