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Romance in the Philippines: 7 Local Flowers Perfect for Valentine’s Day

Although emails and text messages have greatly overtaken handwritten letters these days, fresh flowers remain a timeless Valentine’s Day staple. And, as February is just around the corner, Filipinos everywhere will be busy looking for gifts for their loved ones. Flowers straight out of Ecuador or the Netherlands are certainly lovely and impressive. The Philippines itself is home to a …

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Edible Flowers: 15 Blooms that You Can Eat

Browsing through the pages of a culinary magazine treats you to a mouthwatering imagery of dishes creatively garnished with edible flowers. For centuries, these flowers have been a staple for adding color and flavor to recipes across many cultures. But, despite its age, the thought of adding flowers to what you eat may still seem a little bit odd for …

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10 Valentine’s Flowers and their Romantic Meanings

We are days away from Valentine’s Day — and come Feb. 14, you can go with the classic tradition by ordering a bouquet of red roses. But, if you’re looking to go a bit further, you can always do your own research and buy flowers that will convey your feelings to the last letter. Did you know that Valentine’s Day …

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