12 Healthy Habits

Your body can be likened to a car engine. To prevent burnout, you have to put as much in as you take out. In our infographic, “Live a refreshed lifestyle with these 12 healthy habits,” we share tips on how to maintain a healthy mind and body.
To keep abreast of what people want to read, our research includes google searches to see what people are clicking on. We use this information to conceptualise topics for our blog articles, a few of which we convert into infographics.
Our GetSavvi Health brand personality is fun and friendly. We provide high quality information that our members can use, while still keeping the tone lighthearted and fun through the use of colourful illustrative styles to capture our members’ interest.
At GetSavvi Health, just offering our members health insurance is not enough. That’s why we also provide information on health that our members can use to improve their lifestyle.
Infographic Source: https://www.getsavvi.co.za/community/infographics/healthy-habits-infographic

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