2018 Recruitment Trends According to Experts

2017 saw a rise in workplace policies that promote employee wellness and productivity. Hundreds, even thousands of businesses, now offer perks such as telecommuting and monthly gym memberships that give professionals freedom and flexibility to be more productive and satisfied with their work—and it’s working.
Research shows that almost 4 out of 10 employees in the US are now working remotely, thanks to technologies like video conferencing and collaboration tools that allow people to communicate wherever they are in the world (as long as they have a stable internet connection).
And when it comes to wellness, many companies are investing in new HR platforms that create more effective programs to increase employee productivity and business performance.
2018 Recruitment Trends
Infographic Source: https://manilarecruitment.com/manila-recruitment-articles-advice/2018-recruitment-trends-according-experts/

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