25 Types of Pain & Suffering Damages

It is crucial for injury victims to receive the help they need after an accident. The types of injuries from pain and suffering range from emotional distress to grief. This infographic shows 25 different types of pain and suffering damages a person can claim in a lawsuit. Victims can sustain a variety of injuries that can be both physical and mental. The infographic links injury victims back to the Buckfire Law Firm website to provide them with a detailed description of the types of injuries victims may have experienced. If the physical or mental injury was from a slip-and-fall accident or a car accident, the infographic displays an explanation of what the victim may have experienced. This provides injury victims information to better understand the full extent of their damages. The infographic details the types of compensation available in a settlement. Lastly, the infographic explains the process of contacting a personal injury lawyer.
25 Types of Pain & Suffering Damages
Infographic Source: https://buckfirelaw.com/blog/25-types-pain-suffering-damages/

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