Never again back pain: 3 exercises of osteopathy

Exercise 1: Stretches deep abdominal muscles
Sit down and bend your right leg like half a cross legged seat.
Raise your arms over your head while gently twisting the trunk to the left side of your body.
Now stretch with your arms raised as far as your left leg so that your upper body tilts slightly to your left leg.
You feel a stretch in the lower back.
Three repetitions per page.
Exercise once a day.
Exercise 2: Relieves the lower back
Put on the floor so that the right foot presses against the wall and the knee is straight.
Gently lean forward until you feel a pull in your thigh and calf.
Hold this position for about five seconds – then pause and start over.
Repeat five times for each leg.
Ideally, twice a day.
Exercise 3: Relieves the sciatic nerve
Lie down with outstretched legs, bring your right knee to your chest with your hands.
Then pull in the direction of the left half of the body – until stretch in the buttocks is noticeable.
Hold for five seconds, then let the knee slowly sink back to its starting position.
Perform five reps per leg, twice a day.
Possibilities and limitations of osteopathy
Whether as an alternative or supplement to a conventional medical treatment: Osteopathy helps many patients so well that they can do without strong medication and even surgery. In particular, this applies to diseases of the internal organs of the thoracic, abdominal and pelvic space as well as the musculature system: A study by the Academy of Osteopathy shows that 70 percent of patients with shoulder pain were symptom-free after just four treatments.
Similar meaningful investigations are also available for the treatment of back pain. But also people who suffer from chronic constipation or urinary incontinence, demonstrably benefit from osteopathy. Because manual therapy is virtually free of side effects, it can be used to treat many other ailments.
3 exercises of osteopathy
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