4 Common Web Design Mistakes That Will Affect Your SEO

What makes a website more effective? Is it the design or SEO? If you ask an end-user, they may say “hands down, it’s the design.” On the contrary, if you’d ask a digital marketer, they’d say “SEO for sure.” Consequently, they both are correct, and that’s what makes this job as an online business owner so tough. You need the best of both worlds, to produce the engagement and financial bottom-line your desiring.

When preparing to tackle the web development toward your online business, you have to live within that fork in the road between web design and SEO. When you hire your web designer and digital marketer, they must be willing to work together while creating your digital empire. Since you may be the man-in-middle (or lady), who knows the least about all this tech mumbo jumbo, here is your cheat sheet on what both of your tech duos should NOT be doing. Here are 4 common web design mistakes that will affect your SEO.

  1. Using text in images and not optimizing its metadata.
    We all love images for our websites. Images can bring out the most creative sectors with our website. For photographers and graphic designers, images are everything as it is part of their portfolio. However, Google search engine’s Google bots do not crawl images, only HTML. So if you use images containing text for headlines, for example, Google will not see the text within the image. How do we fix this? Make sure to appropriately add image alt texts and other essential metadata to all images within your website.
  2. Using Unfriendly mobile rather than a responsive design.
    Did you know there are approximately 5.16 billion mobile phone users in the world? From 2013 up until 2019, web traffic on mobile devices has increased by 37%. It’s vital to acknowledge that if your website is not using a responsive design, it’s critically damaging your website’s traffic. Also, Google updated its search algorithm back in 2015 to demote sites that aren’t mobile-friendly – and still holds true today. Be sure your web development designer uses a theme that provides responsive design for your website.
  3. Not optimizing your image sizes.
    When uploading images into your website, whether it’s for your business or eCommerce website, be sure they are using an optimized size. Having images that are in the upper megabytes or even worse, gigabytes on your website can hurt your page load speed. Slow page load speeds will demote your SEO rankings. Images can still maintain their quality if you use photo editing software to optimize your images. Your web designer should be able to accommodate that for you.
    4. Having thin content on pages and posts.
    Another heavy culprit for low SEO rankings is your content. Good quality content is only beneficial for the reader. Good quantity content is best for search engines. Make sure the content on your pages and blog posts are at least 500 words. Articles at 1500 words are golden nuggets for most search engines, but not necessary. Have a blend of content with these amounts of words, and you will see an increase in your SEO rankings. Content creation is usually not part of the web development process, but your digital marketer will take the lead in planning this task.
    Be sure to not make these common mistakes while planning the design for your next digital empire. If you’re looking for web design services in Noida, bizency can help with both of your web design and digital marketing needs.

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