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3 Major Reasons Why Web Design and Ad Agencies Need SEO Coaching

The infographic discusses 3 major reasons why web design and advertising agencies book SEO coaching’s. SEO, short for search engine optimization, is more important than ever today as the number of websites rises with quantum leaps, but the number of results on Google page 1 is limited. On the one hand companies want to achieve higher Google rankings for their …

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4 Common Web Design Mistakes That Will Affect Your SEO

What makes a website more effective? Is it the design or SEO? If you ask an end-user, they may say “hands down, it’s the design.” On the contrary, if you’d ask a digital marketer, they’d say “SEO for sure.” Consequently, they both are correct, and that’s what makes this job as an online business owner so tough. You need the …

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Web Design Industry Analysis 2019

Over 70% of sites are made in an expert procedure by engineers utilizing genius designers stages. There are evaluated to be 200 million dynamic sites on the web at the present time. Almost 33% of all sites that are live at some random minute have utilized some type of the website architecture industry to make their quality. From User Experience …

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