40 mHealth Statistics To Blow Your Mind

Healthcare industry is experiencing major technological disruption with the advent of smartphones, wearables and other portable mobile devices. An exponential rise in the usage of mobile apps in healthcare is a clear example of how more and more consumers are in favor of this trend.
Apart from making primary healthcare easily accessible, mobile technology is also promoting fitness and wellness. The quality of services and their affordability was a major caveat in healthcare, some time back. But now, mobile technology is improving healthcare especially in these areas.
What’s the proof? Data reports and surveys indicate some amazing numbers.
This infographic by Kays Harbor Technologies represents those numbers projected in the latest reports. It aims to give a broad level understanding of the usage trends, consumer sentiment, general perception and security concerns in this niche. By the end of this infographic it is certain that you would be convinced that a mobile-first approach adoption in healthcare has been the greatest innovation and will continue to be in the future.
Infographic Source: http://kaysharbor.com/blog/healthcare/40-amazing-mhealth-statistics-to-blow-your-mind

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