How Wearable Technology is Transforming Healthcare?

The growth of wearable technology has been subtle; however, its impact and benefits have been loud. Today, nearly 39.5 million US adults use these profound devices, with these statistics predicted to increase in the coming future. The global healthcare market is predicted to account for $17.8 billion annually from these wearables, which is a reflection of the numerous individuals who will benefit from this technology. In the course of 5 years, it can drop hospital costs by nearly 16% reducing a number of diagnostic tests and resources directed at screening and treating suffering patients. Overall, in the next 25 years, the healthcare system will save $200 million dollars and see a drop in the number of patients unsatisfied with their treatment. This high-tech device improves collaboration between patients and their physicians, with statistics showing that nearly 88% of doctors want their patients to monitor their health indications at home and 1 out 3 Americans, 82% of which believe in its accuracy are willing to jump on board this novel technology.
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