40 Ways Dogs Make The Best Babysitters

You may not think of dogs as babysitters for your children but the evidence proves that they are the best babysitters of all animals. Dogs will do whatever it takes to keep your baby safe, make it giggle, teach it to crawl, give piggyback rides, follow your baby around and do random health checks on your baby. No other animal can do all this for your baby. Only dogs can and they are by instinct one of the best babysitters.
Dog owners know that their baby is in the best company with their family dog. When parents are busy and cannot look over the baby, they can count on their dogs to look after the baby. Dogs do all this without asking for anything in return. They know that babies are part of the family and deserve all the love and care they can get from them and their parents.
40 Ways Dogs Make The Best Babysitters

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