5 Ways to Relieve Stress

It is certain that your surrounding affects your level of stress. People who surround themselves with nature do not have to deal with stress as much as people who live in big cities do. A research did on this topic showed that those people have lower levels of stress hormone cortisol than those who live in urban setting. If you live in a city there are still ways to get closer to nature. Check out the following five ways to do so.
Relieve Stress
Go hiking
If you want to get closer to nature hiking is just what you need. Do not walk because you want to get somewhere but try to enjoy the time you spend walking. It is a great way to get away from your everyday life and forget about any problems you might have. The good thing about it is that it will not only improve your emotional health but will also help you get fit. You do not have to stop at hiking. It can just be a starting point that will lead you to some other activities such as rock climbing, mountaineering or paragliding…
Sleep under the stars
Instead of staring into the glowing screen of your PC you should take a day off and look at the stars for a change. Sitting at your balcony for 15 minutes and looking up does not count. Prepare a blanket and some hot beverage and spend the whole night out there. If you are having troubles sleeping this can be a good way to reset your internal clock. Call your friends and organize a night in the nature that everyone will benefit from.
Go fishing
There is a reason why 44 million Americans go fishing every year. It is a great escapist activity. It is an opportunity to go away for a while and forget about all the problems at least for a while. It will also get you away from all the screens and let you enjoy in the beauties of the nature. Gorgeous riverbeds and open rivers offer you a perfect way to get in contact with the nature. It is recommendable to turn off your phone so nothing can spoil your day in nature. Another good thing is that fishing can drain you so much that it leaves you no energy to worry about anything else.
Try photography
Camera is another thing that can help you get rid of the stress. Go out there and search for a perfect landscapes to take a photo of. Wandering and searching for places to photograph will help you relieve all the stress. 10 minutes of walking and taking pictures a day is more than enough. Make a photo album of your favorite places nearby. This will shift all of your attention from the work and troubles to something else.
Build a treehouse
We have all at least at one point contemplated building a treehouse. Why not do it now? It is another great reason to go outside and do something different. You do not have to be much of a handyman in order to do this. Look for the instructions online and grab your tools and building can begin. Getting all the cables up there might be a real trouble so Makita cordless tools might be just what you need. While building, you will spend a lot time surrounded by greenery and focusing on something different for a change.
Any time you feel bothered you can go out and enjoy the beauty nature offers you. With these five activities you now have reasons to do so. They will take your mind of the troubles you might face in your everyday life and offer you a chance to relax completely.

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