50 Best Salespeople of All Time

Salespeople can be some of the most annoying people in the world.
Imagine someone sneaking into your doorstep, begging you to buy a product that you don’t need.
However, when a salesperson actually knows what he or she is doing, it’s like that person is your long lost friend.
As the saying goes, a great salesperson sells sand in the desert and everyone’s buying it!
Such is the skill of truly gifted salespeople – they can convince you to buy anything. But it’s not just about how great their products or services are.
The real key to salesmanship is the ability to commit to their role without reservations.
This means learning what makes their prospective buyer tick and finding out ways on how to convert that person into an actual buyer.
This is by far the biggest challenge that all salespeople have to overcome. And the people listed in the infographic below from Thank You For Selling are arguably the best in the world in the field of sales.50 Best Salespeople of All Time

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