7 Employee Retention Strategies to Minimize Attrition

In today’s candidate-driven market where recruiters face cut-throat competition to hire candidates, it is
not an easy feat to find and retain top talent. Recruiters go a long way to attract good candidates from its
competitors. Lucrative offers and additional benefits often make it easy for employees to quit job.
In such a scenario, sudden increase in employee turnover becomes a major concern for the employer.
The best way to deal with this challenge is to have an employee retention program in place. Employers
that overlook the need to implement employee retention strategies face dearth of top talent.
It is important to understand employee needs. Ask employees what makes them happy about the
workplace. Take their suggestions for improvement in policies and office rules. Create a retention
program which is primarily employee-centric; one that could possibly keep employees satisfied, focused
and productive at all times.
There could be several reasons behind an employee’s sudden exit. Spend time to understand the
reasons and come up with a retention program that meets your workforce needs. Here are few
employee retention strategies that may be helpful for you.
Infographic Source:  https://empxtrack.com/blog/employee-retention/

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