8 Leadership Trends That Will Dictate 2019

Today, the industry is dominated by big brands: think Apple, Google, Facebook, and so on. For owners of small businesses, this doesn’t look good. Talented workers are more likely to work for the big guys, which means small firms and companies don’t have access to the same level of talent.
This may sound that small businesses don’t have a chance of winning, but that’s not the case. It simply means that they have to be more agile and learn fast from small mistakes—something that large corporations cannot afford. What small businesses lack because of their size, they should make up for speed.
Business owners can do this by building an agile culture, which encourages employees to make small mistakes and learn from them fast, so they can avoid making those mistakes when the stakes are bigger.
Check out the infographic below for more leadership trends that can help you and your business grow more effectively this 2019.
8 Leadership Trends That Will Dictate 2019
Infographic Source: https://guthriejensen.com/blog/leadership-trends-infographic/

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