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8 Leadership Trends That Will Dictate 2019

Today, the industry is dominated by big brands: think Apple, Google, Facebook, and so on. For owners of small businesses, this doesn’t look good. Talented workers are more likely to work for the big guys, which means small firms and companies don’t have access to the same level of talent. This may sound that small businesses don’t have a chance …

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Ethical leadership

Research has proven the importance that a leader has in setting the right example, creating an environment that encourages good corporate citizenship, and motivating employees to perform better. This study, conducted by Bayt and Canadian University Dubai (CUD) takes a look at a distinct type of leadership, ethical leadership, where leaders are both moral people and moral managers. A moral …

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Leadership Hierarchy

Leaders are not created equal – some are better and others. The reason lies in the qualities and traits that leaders have in the workplace. Employees tend to gravitate towards leaders who inspire action because of what they symbolize in the workforce. These leaders are also the ones who are more than willing to help out the team and make …

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